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A custom design, made in British Columbia, Canada

Price is subject to change

Dimensions of the Vanity
Acrylic Mirror - 21" long x 13.5" wide
4" complimentary metal hook
Unfolded - 57" long x 20" wi
Folded up - 20" long x 20" wide


The JV VANITY is a hang-up pocket system.  This is a great necessity for all of your competition and traveling needs.  It travels folded in half, and when in use it unlatches and hangs up with the hook (included).  On the inside there is an acrylic mirror that can slide out for the Vanity to be hand washed and hung to dry.  Four small rectangular pockets which is perfect for glasses, lipstick, or whatever you need to make the final touches on yourself.  There is a jewelry fold out shelf for all your extra acessories.  On the fold down part, there are four pockets in the center, two bigger pockets and a larger zippered pocket at the bottom.

A lot of times at Competitions, Shows, Weddings, Camping and other activities, there is not an area to get your hair, make-up, etc. done without being in a crowded public place, or just not having the time to run to a location to get yourself ready.  The Vanity becomes your personal space.  

You can customize your colors

Also have the option to have the front of the Vanity embroidered at an extra cost. 
Some of the Colors available: White, Pastel Pink, Fluorescent Pink, Pastel Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Burgundy, Fluorescent Green, Green, and Black


Custom Trim add $50

Custom Orders Gallery

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